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New York Team

New Jersey Team

Nick Hershkowitz

president and CEO

Nick’s responsibilities include overseeing operations including:
Maintaining the company’s clientele service policies
Office administration
Contract negotiations
Sales and marketing
Subcontractor and vendor relations

Abe Smilowitz

Chief Operating Officer

Abe’s responsibilities include overseeing field operations including:
Construction Management Daily operations
preparing and negotiating contracts with clients and suppliers.
Coordinating plans and contract terms.
High standards of quality control
Construction Manager with 14 plus years leading teams of general contractors and laborers on large scale residential and commercial

Sara Smilowitz


Shia H. Glick

Senior Project Manager

Yossi Brody

Project Manager

Simon Spitzer

Project Manager

Sol Stern

Project Manager

Joel Ase

Project Manager

Yaakov Y. Mayerowits

field office relations

Ben Loab

Field Operations Officer

Rose Weinstock

Permits • Insurance

Esther Kahan

Drawings Coordinator

Toby Jay

Office Manager

Shaindy Blumenfeld

Accounts Payable • Vendor Relations

Baila Hershkowitz

Contract Coordinator

Rivky Hershkowitz

YNH Financials